The Beach Boys will celebrate their favorite season with a summer-only Sirius XM channel dedicated to the band.

Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys Channel — which launched July 1st on the satellite radio’s channel 105 — will broadcast the band’s biggest hits and solo songs, as well as rarities that range from a cappella and backing tracks to alternate versions, obscure cuts, and more. Throughout, past and former Beach Boys members will share stories from their days with the group.

Prior to Good Vibrations’ curtain call on August 31st, the channel will feature tracks from the upcoming Feel Flows box set dedicated to the Beach Boys’ Sunflower and Surf’s Up sessions; before the collection’s release on August 27th, Good Vibrations will showcase selections from Feel Flows’ 108 previously unreleased tracks, live recordings, isolated backing tracks, and more.

“Tune in to the exclusive channel for endless sun-drenched songs from every phase of the iconic band’s decades-spanning career — from runaway surf smashes celebrating sun and sand to pioneering sounds that influenced generations of artists,” Sirius XM said of the channel.

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