Alt-pop superstar Billie Eilish has released a new music video for the song “NDA.”

The self-directed video stars Eilish as she walks down a foreboding, dimly-lit road in what appears to be the middle of the night.

“Had to save my money for security/Got a stalker walkin’ up and down the street/Says he’s Satan and he’d like to meet” the singer softly croons as she glances backwards to find outlines of people stealthily following her footsteps in the dark.

The song explores the theme of attempting to maintain a romantic relationship with someone whilst living a double life as a worldwide sensation.

The chorus of the song features a flurry of cars as they whiz past the singer at a distance that is much too close for comfort.

Having dropped on Friday, July 9, the video has already grossed over 11 million views on YouTube.

(Photo: Kelia Anne MacCluskey)

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