Cody Jinks will return this fall with a pair of new albums. The Texas singer-songwriter’s latest country project Mercy (which follows 2019’s double dose of The Wanting and After the Fire) arrives November 12th, the same day his metal band, Caned by Nod, releases its album None the Wiser.

Both albums were produced by Edward Spear at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, where Jinks has recorded previous works including his breakthrough I’m Not the Devil. On the country side, the first release from Mercy is called “All It Cost Me Was Everything,” a taut, strutting tune that relates some hard-won wisdom about the consequences of actions. “I’ve been right, I’ve been wrong/I’m a walking, talking, living, breathing country song,” Jinks sings. The album also includes collaborations with singer-songwriters Kendell Marvel, Adam Hood, and Chris Shiflett.

Jinks’ metal band Caned by Nod calls back to his pre-country music stint as a metal singer. The first preview of the group’s album is “Middle Finger,” which dials up the volume and slows the tempo for some low-end crunch and unsettling chord changes. “So who cares if there’s no tomorrow/the devil don’t and that’s for sure,” Jinks sings, adding a little extra growl to his delivery but allowing the music to convey the heavy mood.

Jinks has numerous live dates booked ahead of the dual release. His next engagement is a three-night stand at Saenger Theatre in New Orleans on September 3rd, 4th, and 5th (which could be in doubt if the city is unable to quickly restore power after Hurricane Ida). Jinks will also do a three-night stand at the Chelsea in Las Vegas on December 2nd, 3rd, and 5th with guests the Randy Rogers Band.

Mercy track list:

  1. “All It Cost Me Was Everything”
  2. “Hurt You”
  3. “Mercy”
  4. “Feeding the Flames”
  5. “I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore”
  6. “Like a Hurricane”
  7. “How It Works”
  8. “Nobody Knows How to Read”
  9. “Shoulders”
  10. “Dying Isn’t Cheap”
  11. “Roll”
  12. “When Whiskey Calls the Shots”

Caned by Nod’s None the Wiser track list:

  1. “Middle Finger”
  2. “Dying Trying”
  3. “None the Wiser”
  4. “Seeing Ghosts”
  5. “Covet”
  6. “Led Astray”
  7. “Half a Life”
  8. “Can’t Hide the Truth”
  9. “Broken Wings”
  10. “Eyes”

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