Ahead of the release of Coldplay’s new album Music of the Spheres, the band has shared the LP’s closing track, the space epic “Coloratura.”

Clocking in at 10 minutes and keeping with the album’s interstellar theme, “Coloratura” takes a panoramic, multi-suite voyage into the cosmos, with Chris Martin namechecking celestial bodies like Galileo, Oumuamua, and Betelgeuse along his journey to the stars.

“It’s a crazy world, it’s true,” Martin sings in the closing minutes, following a colossal guitar solo that ties the track’s many disparate elements together. “In this crazy world, I just want you.”

Given its length, “Coloratura” is simply an offering to fans — and not the next single — from Music of the Spheres. The band says a proper second single — following “Higher Power” — will arrive in September, a month before the Max Martin-produced record is released on October 15th.

“Thank you for listening, or coming to shows, or any way we have met through music,” the band previously said in a  note to fans, along with the phrase, “Everyone is an alien somewhere.”

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