Constellation Network has been awarded a SBIR Phase II USAF Contract by the U.S. Air Force to provide end-to-end blockchain-powered security to the Department of Defense (DoD) for big data sharing with commercial partners.

Constellation Network, a decentralized network and blockchain ecosystem, applyies its blockchain protocol Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) to the military’s digital infrastructure to cryptographically secure the data.

Constellation has partnered with Kinnami Software Corp. to create an end-to-end data security solution using blockchain encryption and distributed data management. This is a massive shift in the utility of blockchain technology for something as prolific and complicated as data.

Transitioning from a Phase I to a Direct to Phase II SBIR contract, Constellation has successfully secured a working relationship with USTRANSCOM, Air Mobility Command (AMC), AMC’s 618 Air Operations Center (AOC), and a representative Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) partner.

The focus of the contract is to further develop the solution as a standard for use in securely exchanging mission data with commercial partners across the Defense Transportation System (DTS). USTRANSCOM operates in over 80 percent of all countries, managing tremendous amounts of sensitive data in potentially highly contested environments.

This solution has the potential to increase cyber security significantly and improve the operational effectiveness of the 618 AOC and AMC, in the way they conduct mission operations coordination with their commercial partners.

Constellation has agreed to provide a program that will meet systems and access requirements, demonstrating its ability to deploy data assurance and improved auditable security for operational mission datasets without changes to existing IT infrastructure on a cost-effective, enterprise scalable level.

To access the network, the Federal Government can rely on Constellation to use its native currency $DAG to secure bandwidth on the network. This multi-domain effort includes stakeholders from several DoD agencies and a representative CRAF partner.

Through HGTP, Constellation will provide a more secure alternative to HTTP to pass data, while Kinnami will provide a hybrid resilient data fabric delivering availability, protection, and security for these complex distributed data management environments.

This combined, distributed zero-trust approach creates an end-to-end secure data management solution-from data creation and collection to transferability and storage.

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