Dillon Carmichael faces the wrath of an unhinged ex in the “Hot Beer” video, released on Thursday. The song is the title track from the Kentucky native’s latest EP, which came out May 14th via Riser House Records.

In keeping with the song’s sardonic kiss-off to an ex who, as Carmichael sings, “cheated and you lied and you wrecked my Ford,” the Jim Wright-directed video depicts a test of his resolve. Looking immaculate, the ex appears at his house with plans to win him back, then proceeds to smash everything in sight when he rebuffs her. “I’d rather drink a hot beer/Build a fire in the pourin’ rain,” Carmichael sings, with a smirk on his face.

Jon Pardi, who produced the song along with a couple others from the Hot Beer EP, makes an appearance later in the video. After joining Carmichael and friends for a campfire sing-along, he and Carmichael raise a toast to exes with some lively back-and-forth: “Is that really your crazy ex-girlfriend?” Pardi asks. “Isn’t she awesome?” Carmichael responds. “No! She threw all your shit on the fire,” Pardi says, to which Carmichael can only admit, “It’s complicated.”

Hot Beer also features Carmichael’s version of the Montgomery Gentry hit “Lucky Man,” a nod to the fact that Eddie Montgomery is actually Carmichael’s uncle. The six-track project follows Carmichael’s 2018 debut, the Dave Cobb-produced Hell on an Angel. Carmichael has a handful of tour dates scheduled at the moment, including a June 12th stop at Hop Springs Beer Park in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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