Fans of Morgan Wallen have been standing by their man since February, when a video of Wallen using a racial slur drew a swift country industry backlash. To show their unwavering devotion to the “Wasted on You” singer, they bought and streamed his LP Dangerous: The Double Album, making it a huge hit. Some even funded a series of pro-Wallen digital billboards — featuring a silhouette of his signature mullet hairstyle — in downtown Nashville ahead of last April’s ACM Awards. This week, just before Wednesday’s CMT Music Awards, more billboards appeared, prompting a haircare company to tell the singer’s fans to, well, cut it.

Miracle Flow, a Rochester, New York-based hair-products company, has come out against the billboards, claiming that the mullet image is ripped straight from their own logo.

A statement by Miracle Flow posted to Instagram read: “It was brought to our attention that our mullet logo was being used on a billboard in downtown Nashville to promote a country music singer. Miracle Flow well [sic] not disputing that he has a glorious mullet currently has no affiliation or endorsement deals with the artist or billboards. We are working with our legal team to have our logo removed…so please don’t cancel us as well.”

The Instagram post also included screenshots from a TMZ article reporting that the billboards were funded by Wallen fan Darleen Ingram. Representatives for Wallen declined to comment on the billboards when they first appeared prior to the ACM Awards, but they did clarify to Rolling Stone that Wallen was not involved in purchasing the ad space.

While the singer’s name never appeared on the billboards, the unmistakable mullet and phrases like “Support that boy from East Tennessee” and “His Fan’s Choice: Entertainer of the Year,” along with a reference to Mark 11:25 — a biblical verse on forgiveness — made the focus of the campaign clear.

After a few months of keeping a low profile to, as he said in a video, “get used to making good decisions,” Wallen is slowly starting to emerge from his exile. He recently sang a few songs at the Nashville bar of Kid Rock (who himself is embroiled in his own slur controversy) and has been posting frequent videos and photos to Instagram, promising fans that, “My story is far from over.”

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