As the Biden administration stepped up its vaccination drive in the wake of a resurgence of the COVID pandemic, driven by the Delta variant, half of the U.S. population have been fully vaccinated by the weekend.

A record number of more than 800,000 vaccine shots were being administered per day in the country in the last week. Out of 166.4 million people who were inoculated in the county in the last seven months, more than 3.2 million Americans were administered the vaccines over the past seven days.

As per the latest data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a total of 166,477,481 people in the United States received both doses of the vaccine to protect against the coronavirus.

This includes 80.1 percent of people above 65.

A total of 194,866,738 people, or 58.7 percent of the population, have received at least one dose.

351,400,930 vaccine doses have been administered so far nationally.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that as a trend over the last few weeks, states with the highest case rates are seeing their vaccination rates grow the fastest.

Several businesses, campuses and many other institutions are stepping up on vaccination requirements.

United Airlines on Friday announced it will require all of its roughly 85,000 employees to be vaccinated by the end of September.

Massachusetts will require vaccination for nursing home staff. Maryland and Virginia announced vaccination requirements for state employees.

Mass vaccinations began in the U.S. on December 14, 2020. Currently three types of vaccines – Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or Janssen – are used to inoculate.

While vaccines have helped significantly reduce the number of new COVID-19 infections nationwide, states with below-average vaccination rates have seen increasing numbers of cases, mainly driven by the highly infectious Delta variant.

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