After years of exploring tangled heartbreak, Jayhawks singer-songwriter Gary Louris has written the most straightforward love song of his career. “Follow,” the latest offering from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming solo album, began as a wedding gift for Louris’ niece and her husband.

“I wanted to give them something more than a nice place setting of china,” Louris tells Rolling Stone. “‘Follow’ has always been an unabashedly full-on love song. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Home only where you are/won’t you take my arm and just follow?” Louris sings in his trademark roots-pop croon.

“It is a song of commitment, of partnership,” he says, “and a realization of when two people have that magical bond that cannot truly be explained in words.”

Since writing the song, however, “Follow” has taken on a new personal significance for Louris, one that shines through in the song’s music video, which features Louris and his wife Stephanie lovebirding around in the woods.


“It has become ‘our’ song,” Louris says. “Steph and I have that magical connection spoken of in the song…I feel like this song was written about her from day one, even though I did not know her when I first put pen to paper.”

Louris’ second-ever solo album, Jump For Joy, will be released on June 4th.

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