Jada Pinkett Smith shared what she believes to be a previously unreleased Tupac poem to mark what would have been the late rapper’s 50th birthday, June 16th (although Smith admittedly got a headstart and posted the poem on Instagram on June 15th).

The poem is titled “Lost Soulz,” and while Smith noted that Pac had a song of the same name on the Gang Related soundtrack, she said, “I believe this was the original concept, because he wrote this, I believe, when he was at Rikers.”

Smith proceeded to read the poem, which closes with the poignant lines: “When the purest hearts are torn apart/Lost souls are all that’s left/Down on my knees I beg of God/To save me from this fate/Let me live to see what was gold in me/Before it’s all too late.”

“Let’s remember him for that which we loved most… his way with words,” Smith added in her caption accompanying the poem.

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