James Blunt will release a greatest hits album, The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004- 2021), on November 19th via Atlantic Records. The 30-song collection spans the musician’s 17-year career, including hits like “You’re Beautiful” and “Cold.”

The album will feature four new songs, “Love Under Pressure,” “Unstoppable,” “Adrenaline” and “I Came For Love,” as well as four exclusive live performances from around the world, including at Glastonbury Festival.

“Amazingly, I’m releasing my greatest hits,” Blunt said in a statement. “I wanted to call it Greatest Hit (& Songs I Wish You’d Heard), but the good people at Atlantic Records suggested I call it something more sensible, so it’s called The Stars Beneath My Feet.”

He added, “If you’d ever wished that James Blunt had only ever released one album – this is that album. It’s 30 awesome songs, including live performances from Glastonbury and elsewhere, and four new songs. To celebrate its release, I’ll be heading out to tour the world all next year. I can’t wait to see you then.”

Blunt has also announced a U.K. tour for 2022, including a performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall on July 23rd. The tour kicks off February 3rd in Brighton, U.K., and stops in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and more.

The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021) Track Listing:

1. Love Under Pressure
2. 1973
3. Wisemen
4. Same Mistake
5. You’re Beautiful
6. Monsters
7. Tears And Rain
8. Bonfire Heart
9. I Really Want You (live in New York)
10. The Truth
11. Heart To Heart
12. Champions
13. Postcards
14. No Bravery (live in London)
15. Adrenaline
16. Smoke Signals
17. Unstoppable
18. Goodbye My Lover
19. Coz I Love You (live at Glastonbury)
20. So Long, Jimmy
21. Carry You Home
22. The Greatest
23. High
24. Don’t Give Me Those Eyes
25. OK
26. Stay The Night
27. Bartender
28. Cold
29. Where Is My Mind? (live in Paris)
30. I Came For Love

The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021) is available for pre-order here.

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