Jessie J has dropped a music video for her infectious new single “I Want Love.” The upbeat track previews her fifth full-length album, coming later this year via LAVA/Republic Records.

“I never thought you’d see me/ I never thought you’d care,” J croons on the pop number as she whirls around an empty bar. “I never thought you’d come so close I could feel you/ now you’re standing there.”

The singer shared the inspiration behind the video on Instagram, writing, “I had an argument with a bf once after a major red carpet. I went to a bar where I didn’t know anyone and I danced alone until sunrise. I took a shot with strangers and I talked to myself in the mirror in the bathroom.”

She added, “My tough exterior that I so often use as a defense mechanism went away, my heart softened. My fear left the room and I just let go. That’s what this song this video means and represents to me… I wanted this video to feel like I felt like that night.”

J’s upcoming album was co-written with and executive produced by producer Ryan Tedder. It follows her 2018 effort R.O.S.E., which was released in four parts.

“This album is like a short film over many years of my life and this video is the first part of that story I’m sharing,” the singer said in a statement. “I wanted the video to feel like people weren’t supposed to see this moment. A moment between the moments captured.”

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