Nashville singer-songwriter Kalie Shorr will release her new EP I Got Here by Accident on August 13th. On Thursday, she released a new song from the Butch Walker-produced project in the form of the grungy, autobiographical “Love Child.”

Built around a melodic, lightly distorted guitar riff, “Love Child” tells Shorr’s story from before she was born. “Daddy came here on a boat/Momma came here on a plane/I got here by accident/But God doesn’t make mistakes,” she sings in the opening lines, referencing the title of her album along with her immigrant parentage before exploding into full-throated choruses. In addition to her biography, Shorr references musical points in time, from Woodstock to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and finally, to the Nineties reign of Nirvana.

The new EP is Shorr’s first collaboration with Walker, who’s worked with Taylor Swift, P!nk, and more along with issuing his solo recordings. I Got Here by Accident also includes the previously released single “Amy,” an acerbic kiss-off to an interloper.

Shorr has been active in recent years, releasing a series of EPs and championing the artist collective Song Suffragettes. Her debut full-length album Open Book was released in 2019.

I Got Here by Accident track list:

  1. “Amy”
  2. “I Heard You Got a Girl”
  3. “I Hate The Way This Feels”
  4. “Love Child”
  5. “Alibi”

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