KISS have finally launched a brand of gin named after their classic 1974 track “Cold Gin.”

The veteran rock group partnered with the Swedish company Brands for Fans to launch the official KISS Cold Gin. KISS Cold Gin is a “New York-style,” 40 percent ABV, non-aged gin.

“Perhaps the most highly anticipated by fans and the most likely to cause a stir amongst collectors is the announcement of KISS Cold Gin,” Brands For Fans said.

The company added, “Named after the legendary song written by Ace Frehley and released in 1974, the gin is due for launch before Summer this year, in perfect time for gin & tonic season.”

KISS had officially announced its partnership with Brands For Fans in September 2020. Brands For Fans had previously launched the KISS Rum Kollection, which features Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum and Detroit Rock Rum.

Brands For Fans have also collaborated with other bands, including Motorhead‘s Iron Fist Whiskey and Ghost‘s Juniper Gin.

(Photo: Brands for Fans)

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