Lil Nas X breaks out of jail in the video for his new song “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow. The track was co-produced by Take a Daytrip and Kanye West.

In the Christian Breslauer-directed clip written by Lil Nas X, the rapper is sentenced to five years in Montero State Prison, but he makes the most of his time served as he works out, and dances in the shower and in the prison yard. Harlow drops a verse and also provides an assist on an escape plan by slipping a pickax into a book.

“I told you long ago on the road/I got what they waiting for,” Lil Nas X sings on the chorus. “Don’t run from nothing, dog/Get your soldiers, tell ’em I ain’t layin’ low/You was never really rooting for me anyway/When I’m back up at the top, I wanna hear you say/He don’t run from nothin’, dog.”

Along with the release of the video, Lil Nas X announced he partnered with The Bail Project, a national nonprofit organization on a mission to end cash bail. “It’s personal. I know the pain that incarceration brings to a family,” he said in a statement. “And I know the disproportionate impact that cash bail has on Black Americans and the LGBTQ community. Let’s bring people home & let’s fight for freedom and equality.”

Lil Nas X previously teased the single with a video showing him “on trial,” in a spoof of the recent legal debacle over his Satan shoes. Both “Industry Baby” and his previous two singles, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and “Sun Goes Down,” will appear on his upcoming debut album Montero, although Lil Nas has yet to reveal a release date or full tracklist. Montero follows Lil Nas X’s 2019 EP, 7.

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