Lil Yachty shows off his sensitive side in a new single, “Love Music,” released on Tuesday via Quality Control and Motown.

Following his rapid-fire Michigan Boy Boat mixtape, “Love Music” is much mellower and sees the rapper expressing his gratitude over a long-term romance, from high school dances to marriage: “You were my wife, baby, you were my wife/Baby, you run my life/I don’t know where we will stand if we do not dance/You are my type, baby, you are my type.”

Lil Yachty released Michigan Boy Boat earlier this year, on the heels of his 2020 album Lil Boat 3. The mixtape showcased several rappers and artists from Michigan’s red-hot hip-hop scene, including Krispylife Kid, RMC Mike, Babyface Ray, Rio Da Yung OG, DC2Trill, and Icewear Vezzo, who all appeared on the single “Royal Rumble.” Last August, Lil Yachty also released Birthday Mix 5, continuing the tradition of dropping a batch of new songs to mark his birthday.

In addition to his new music, Lil Yachty launched a fund, Scoop Investments, with fellow rapper Bhad Bhabie; a Jewish dating app is their first project.

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