Maddie & Tae riff on classic movies, dance around the kitchen, and eat fried chicken while riding stationary bikes in a charming video for their song “Woman You Got.” The song, which was released as a single in March, is the first preview of the follow-up to their album The Way It Feels.

In keeping with the song’s theme of celebrating someone, flaws and all, the “Woman You Got” video plays up the quirks and comedic chops of Maddie Font (neé Marlow) and Tae Kerr (neé Dye). In the opening scene, Font scorches a pie, while Kerr’s phone has already gone missing. Later, they don oversized dress shirts and do their best Risky Business homage, nod to the over-the-top fashions of Clueless, and munch on chicken during a workout, all while their real-life spouses nod in approval.

Font and Kerr penned the song with Laura Veltz and Mark Holman, and its sly sense of humor recalls that of the duo’s 2015 breakout hit “Girl in a Country Song,” a sharp rebuke to the dully humorless bro-country on the radio at the time. Their long-delayed second album The Way It Feels was released in 2020 and included their second chart-topping hit, “Die From a Broken Heart.”

Maddie & Tae have numerous dates on the calendar this summer, including supporting performances on Brett Young’s The Weekends Tour beginning in September.

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