Marissa Paternoster, who fronts New Jersey punk band Screaming Females, has announced that in addition to touring with her band this fall, she’ll be releasing a new EP under a different project, Noun.

The In the Shade EP, out this summer via State Champion Records, was co-produced by Paternoster and Eric Bennett and recorded at Lakehouse Studio in Asbury Park. Angie Boylan (Sleater-Kinney, Aye Nako) plays drums on the album, and Shanna Polley is a featured vocalist on one track. On Tuesday, Noun shared the album’s title track with a music video directed by Dawn Riddle.

“Marissa asked me to make this video with only this guidance: Do whatever you want,” Riddle wrote in a statement. “And obviously, like most of us, what I want is to see a lifesize Bart Simpson going through his quotidian existence. So here we see Bart, filled with bad boy energy, stifled by Springfield’s suburban confines. He longs to be in the thick of the action, to grind bigger and better curbs, to feed his shorts to the world. But alas, he is still just a kid.”

She continued: “The video follows his day, from solitary malaise, to hopeful kickdancing, to reflection both external and internal. As we watch the video we realize that we have all been Bart at some point in our lives. And understand that eventually we shall be Bart again. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Bart to Bart. Amen.”

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