Michelle Zauner’s debut memoir Crying in H Mart is getting its own feature film adaptation.

Zauner, who records music under the name Japanese Breakfast, expanded the book from her 2018 New Yorker essay on grieving her mother’s death through food and cooking. She published the memoir earlier this year to critical acclaim. MGM’s Orion Pictures acquired the rights to the film adaptation, which will be produced by Stacey Sher and Jason Kim, with Japanese Breakfast providing the film’s soundtrack.

“It is a surreal thrill to have the opportunity to memorialize my mother in film, and I consider it of the highest honor to pursue that task alongside creative luminaries such as Stacey Sher, Jason Kim and Orion Pictures,” Zauner said in a statement.

In addition to putting out Crying in H Mart this year, Zauner also released her third Japanese Breakfast album, Jubilee, last Friday.

“It feels like a summer album to me,” Zauner told Rolling Stone. “I knew that I wanted my third album to be the most drama and the strongest foot forward — every muscle flexing and using all the tools that you have in the toolbox. Because by the third record, you should really know who you are and what you want to be doing as an artist. And I really wanted to go all out for it.”

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