Miley Cyrus held a special 4th of July concert in Las Vegas this past Sunday for the grand opening of Resorts World Casino, and along with playing the usual hits like “We Can’t Stop” and “Midnight Sky,” the mohawked singer threw plenty of covers into the set, including the appropriately titled “Heaven or Las Vegas” by the Cocteau Twins.

“I’m gonna sing a song that no one fucking knows, but you will know it after tonight,” Cyrus told the audience — kind of presumptuous, as you never know when there might be Nineties dream-pop fans (like the Weeknd!) in the crowd.

The singer then delivered a brief rendition of the Twins’ classic hit, choosing to mostly improvise the words “heaven or Las Vegas” over and over again instead of trying to replicate Elizabeth Fraser’s inscrutable lyrics to the original song. Honestly, that was probably the smart move — while it may not rank high on the Miley Cyrus covers leaderboard, it’s still cool to see a major pop star try to hype up a Cocteau Twins guitar solo to a crowd at a Las Vegas casino grand opening.

While onstage, Cyrus also covered Blondie and the Guess Who and even threw in her now-iconic cover of “Jolene” by her godmother Dolly Parton. TMZ reports that during her performance of “Party in the USA,” Cyrus shouted, “Free Britney!” in reference to Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship battle.

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