Mudhoney are releasing a deluxe edition of their sophomore album, 1991’s Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, to mark the LP’s 30th anniversary. The remastered set arrives on July 23rd via Sub Pop and it’s available for preorder.

In conjunction with the announcement, the group dropped a Duncan Sharp-directed video for “Ounce of Deception,” which features archival footage from their live performances. The song originally appeared as a B-side to 1991’s “Let It Slide” 7-inch.

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge: Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition features the original album along with a 15-song LP and CD that houses seven previously unreleased tracks. The initial LP pressings will be offered on colored vinyl.

The set includes new cover art, band photos and a fold-out poster, with liner notes from Mudhoney biographer and MOJO journalist Keith Cameron.

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge: Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition Tracklist
1. “Generation Genocide”
2. “Let It Slide”
3. “Good Enough”
4. “Something So Clear”
5. “Thorn”
6. “Into the Drink”
7. “Broken Hands”
8. “Who You Drivin’ Now?”
9. “Move Out”
10. “Shoot the Moon”
11. “Fuzzgun ’91”
12. “Pokin’ Around”
13. “Don’t Fade IV”
14. “Check-Out Time”
15. “March to Fuzz”
16. “Ounce of Deception”
17. “Paperback Life” (alternate version)
18. “Fuzzbuster”
19. “Bushpusher Man”
20. “Flowers for Industry”
21. “Thorn” (1st attempt)
22. “Overblown”
23. “March From Fuzz”
24. “You’re Gone”
25. “Something So Clear” (24-track demo)
26. “Bushpusher Man” (24-track demo)
27. “Pokin’ Around” (24-track demo)
28. “Check-Out Time” (24-track demo)
29. “Generation Genocide” (24-track demo)

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