Genesis Publications is set to release a photographic collection that documents the formative years of Lenny Kravitz, in the form of a book named, “Lenny Kravitz: The Formative Years, 1989 – 1993.”

The book contains photographs taken by David Hindley. A panoramic visual landscape depicts the emergence of Kravitz as a rock star during the period.

The photo book contains snaps of Kravitz performing at various locations, including London, Paris, Geneva, Milan and Los Angeles, rehearsing with bandmates, jamming with Mick Jagger, relaxing with family and friends.

“Photographs are silent, but these are not,” says Kravitz of the book. “David’s photographs are singing, shouting, even screaming. They’re filled with the visceral thrill that he and I were both feeling.”

“I was experiencing a creative birth,” says Kravitz of the era. “I had the good fortune to have that experience captured by exactly the right photographer. Without trying, David got me. Without chasing me, David caught me. I didn’t have to explain a thing. Our rapport was unexpected. Spontaneous. Magical.”

“As a musician, Lenny was letting it rip. As a photographer, my charge was to do the same,” says Hindley, who got full access to Kravitz during his national and international tours during those four years.

The volume will first be available as a collector’s signed limited edition, and later as a trade hardcover in bookstores worldwide.

(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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