Amsterdam’s finest indie-rock revivalists are coming back this fall. Pip Blom’s second album, Welcome Break, is due out on Heavenly Recordings on October 8th. In the meantime, they’re celebrating their return with a bright, summery single, “Keep It Together,” and a music video that envisions bopping around the room to indie-pop tunes as a valid form of exercise. 

Led by singer-guitarist Pip Blom and her younger brother Tender Blom, along with drummer Gini Cameron and bassist Darek Mercks, the band debuted in 2019 with Boat — an incredibly catchy and self-assured LP that showed off the influence of the classic Brit-pop songs the Blom siblings grew up listening to. (“All my favorite bands were British,” Pip explained in their Rolling Stone Artist You Need to Know profile.)

Pip wrote the songs on Welcome Break at her family’s house in Amsterdam, where she and Tender grew up and still live. After a travel delay caused by the pandemic, the band recorded the album in the same English seaside town where they made the first LP; this time, they self-produced the sessions with engineer Al Harle. “Keep It Together” suggests that their knack for tightly crafted guitar hooks hasn’t gone anywhere.

“I just really like catchy songs,” Pip said in a statement announcing the new LP, “and I feel like that’s something we do well.”

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