Randy Rogers Band imagine a new kind of dance in “Chupacabra,” a collaboration with La Maquinaria Norteña that’s named for the legendary bloodsucking creature of North American folklore.

The kind of dusty country-rock track that is Randy Rogers Band’s bread and butter, “Chupacabra” has a moodier, minor-key feel to match the narrative. As Rogers sings it, the band was playing at a dancehall near Cuero, Texas, watching the couples hit the floor, when they ran out of songs. They landed on an improvised groove and suddenly people began to “shake it out like it don’t mean nada,” per the instructions.

Norteño group La Maquinaria jump in for the Spanish-language second verse from leader Keith Nieto, adding some sublime harmonies and the accordion breakdown in the middle section.

“This song is a product of lockdown and division that slapped our world in the face,” Rogers says in a release. “Keith and I had a vision of joining forces and cultures to create something to believe in. The common man, humanity, and the gift of music and how it can bring us all together. Chupacabra is real, it’s our way of reminding you that the human condition is actually love.”

Randy Rogers Band, whose leader released the collaborative Hold My Beer, Vol. 2 with Wade Bowen in 2020, have several Texas dates coming up, including one on Friday, May 7th, at Silver Saloon in Terrell.

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