Lucy Dacus performed three songs off her just-released new album Home Video and discussed her new LP on CBS This Morning Saturday.

For the show’s “Saturday Sessions,” Dacus and her band convened in the singer-songwriter’s native Richmond, Virginia to deliver “Brando,” “VBS” and “Hot and Heavy” from Home Video, which arrived Friday.

Dacus also sat down with CBS This Morning’s Anthony Mason to talk about her new LP, her songwriting process, the supergroup Boygenius and returning to a changed Richmond after living in Philadelphia for two years.

For the album, Dacus dug through her journals and home movies from her youth. “I think I was trying to find the lowest common denominators of my life, like what has always been the same, what can I cling to,” Dacus told Mason. “I think it is kind of scary that people will hear it. I think writing it is intimidating, because you have to admit things to yourself.”

Dacus also talked about how she goes about writing songs, which mostly occurs when she’s doing other stuff, like washing dishes, taking walks or knitting. “Voice memos are pretty clutch,” Dacus said.

The majority of Home Video was recorded prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, with Dacus using the lockdown as an extended means to mix the album. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Dacus talked about her eagerness to return to a post-pandemic life.

“I’m just going to go everywhere and hug everyone that I love,” Dacus says. “I’m not much for going to clubs, but I want to go to the sweatiest, nastiest club, and dance for so long. I hate shopping, but I want to go to a shopping mall and try stuff on and get a smoothie.”

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