Olivia Rodrigo made her Saturday Night Live musical guest debut on the series’ latest episode, performing her breakout hit “Drivers License” and her latest single “Good 4 U.”

The singer opened with a powerhouse rendition of “Drivers License,” the biggest song of the year thus far that has had such a universal cultural impact, SNL dedicated an entire sketch to it back in February.

For her second performance, Rodrigo and her band delivered her new pop-punk song “Good 4 U,” which the singer debuted Friday, the latest single off Rodrigo’s long-awaited album Sour.

Rob Sheffield wrote of Rodrigo Friday, “She’s a new kind of star because she reps the next wave of hitmakers, who grew up idolizing Taylor Swift.”

He continued, “It’s just the beginning of what sure sounds like a career. But Olivia is also a quintessential example of why this is such an exciting moment to be a passionate pop fan. She’s not hung up on stylistic or historic boundaries — in her songs, the ancient and the new-school play off and inspire each other. Everything old is new again, and anything in the past can be the start of something new, as long as an artist like Olivia can find a way to use it. In other words: It’s déjà vu all over again.”

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