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1960’S SHOW


1960’S SHOW


Born in a time when you kicked cans, played soccer in the street till it got dark. Cycled everywhere you could, go out with 50cents and still have. Change to give to your mum. 

Love music and still enjoy that feeling of putting a 7-inch slab of ecstasy on a record player to spin to an audience of 1. To 10000 no matter what. it’s the music in, your Heart, Mind and Feet that counts and the listening experience you get by pushing a button to hear a favorite selection of tunes. 

Hobbies Soccer Music two of the finest. 

Still enjoy Crate Digging (looking for that elusive bargain) 


Fav Artiste Rod Stewart. Marvin Gaye Levi Stubbs, David Ruffin, The Who. 


Favorite Decade 60s just for the diversity of musical magic and creative geniuses that was brought to the general record buying public. 


And finally, my two Children Eddie and Chrissie, I say children, but they are my life. 


Doug Hall 

Music lover and spinner of emotion.