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45 RPM

With Scott Edward Phelps

45 RPM

With Scott Edward Phelps

s.e.p.—a boy and his microphone

the adventure began…in 1964. age 13…and the one-two punch of finding himself a bona fide New Orleanian, knee deep in the hoopla of a unique musical tradition…and the arrival of those long haired, cheeky lads from Liverpool…inevitably, the teen years garage bands…until his post-high school move to Nashville pursuing the “every guitar playing kid’s dream of success as a singer/songwriter…

…staff songwriter for a variety of major league publishing companies with a not too shabby resume’, with songs recorded by Mel Tillis, Conway Twitty, Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Lacy J, Dalton, et al …backup vocalist (behind such notables as Bobby Helms, Dobie Gray, Frank Sinatra, Jr, etc) , …and…in his spare time… composing and producing local, regional and national jingles and radio ads, multiple Addy Award wins …add a Grammy nomination for a song written for Claire Lynch’s nominated bluegrass album, “Lamplighter” in 1989…

come the new Millennium…and the full time diving into what had been a part time indulgence in the songwriting years….broadcasting… the songwriter became the morning jock, the song player, the talk show host…over the next ten years, award winning, top rated broadcast gigs in Delaware, Maryland, Mississippi and Georgia…before returning, in 2012, to the Chesapeake Bay area to continue working in music radio, talk radio, commercial and jingle writing and production…

and, as terrestrial radio de-evolved, podcasting and Internet radio beckoned, producing oldies programming that, purposely, doesn’t sound like oldies programming…most notably…..”45RPM”…where “everything oldies…is new again…”

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