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Reggae Thru The Decades Show Description:

Reggae thru the decades is a two hour show that starts in the 60’s working through the 70’s & 80’s and finishing with the 90’s.

The show plays Reggae Hits Predominantly from American/ Jamaican/U.K. Artists.Genres of reggae played features Ska, Rocksteady, Boss Skinhead, Toasting, Roots, Lovers Rock, Dub, Dancehall, Reggae Fusion.

Chris Dunn.Bio

Born in 1960,United Kingdom, reside in Lincoln.I am a Train Driver by profession and have a passion for Reggae music.

It was in the late 70’s that I found my love of Reggae Music, I worked on a production line where the music everyday was Reggae / Calypso / Soca piped through the works tannoy system.

At this time I was asked by my elder Jamaican Friend, Michael Alphonso Smith if I wanted to get involved with Discos ( he had the equipment but I had the transport and I jumped at the opportunity).This venture turned out to be actually playing at Jamaican House parties.

From this I went alone, established my own mobile disco and was rewarded with a Weekend residency at a working man’s club in South London providing music to get the crowds going before and after a live band.

Late 80’s I packed it all in, until it was resurrected in 2008 when I joined my works entertainment committee and could provide entertainment at works events at a fraction of the costs involved.

In 2012 I joined my local community Radio station providing a live 3 hour program of 70’s music,in 2018 I switched to Reggae and The Chris Dunn Reggae Show was born, to date the Show is broadcast in America,Amsterdam,Australia, Cambodia,Canada,New Zealand,Spain and U.K.on about 23 radio stations.

March 2023 and growing on the sucess of the previous Reggae show , I started a new show called Reggae Thru The Decades , it starts with reggae from the 60’s progresses thru the 70’s & 80’s and finishes in the 90’s. Playing the genres of Ska/Rock Steady/ Boss Skinhead/ Toasting/ Roots/ Lovers Rock/ Dub/ Dancehall/ Reggae Fusion. Although the show has only been made available recently it’s on about 12 stations broadcasted in America,Australia,South America,U.K.

I hope you enjoy the show

Best Wishes and Thanks for listening

Chris Dunn


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