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The Classics with Mr. and Mrs. R.

The Classics with Mr. and Mrs. R.

Radio Husband And Wife Duo Mr & Mrs R Take Disco And Soul Classics To The Next Level With Their Show The Classics With Mr & Mrs R.

With the sounds of disco and soul being heard everywhere from tv commercials, to movies, sporting events and everywhere in between, comes the dynamic husband and wife radio duo Mr & Mrs R who presents to the world The Classics With Mr & Mrs R. The Classics With Mr & Mrs R is not just a radio show it’s an event! Anyone can play Earth Wind & Fire, The Whispers etc but what sets Mr & Mrs R apart from the rest is their high energy and love for the music. We grew up with the classics because we had no choice, that’s what our parents listened to stated Mr & Mrs R. There was no hip hop just disco and soul and being that we were kids listening to that music we wanted to keep the music alive and expose it to the younger generation. Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada, Mr & Mrs R are on a committed mission to entertain the world with those hits from back in the days. The Classics With Mr & Mrs R is not only a husband and wife radio show, it’s a family affair which features their grand kids, cousins and the mothers of Mr & Mrs R and that makes us unique. Keeping it in the family reminds us of when we were kids partying with our parents and having a great time. This show brings me back to the the good ol days and makes me want to party all the time, it’s a very unique show,stated by an indusry insider. If you haven’t heard the Classics With Mr & Mrs R, you can hear it right here on WYNC-DB New York City Oldies Radio and hear what the hype is all about that’s spreading around the world. Mr & Mrs R are defiantly taking radio to the next level one show at a time, one event at a time, The Next Big Thing Is Here!!


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