A new podcast that investigates the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr., released its first trailer on Monday.

Snatching Sinatra, hosted by actor and longtime Frank Sinatra enthusiast John Stamos, features extended interviews with Barry Keenan, the man who chose to hatch a plot to kidnap Frank Sinatra’s son in 1963. Keenan will open up about the mental illness and alcoholism that he struggled with at the time, his motivations for the kidnapping, and the strategy that he and his co-conspirators came up with for kidnapping Sinatra in Lake Tahoe.

“It was very surreal, knowing that I was the most wanted person in the country,” Keenan recalls in the trailer.

Snatching Sinatra is produced by Spoke Media in collaboration with Wondery. The podcast series will premiere widely on July 27th on podcast platforms, but the entire series will be available early and ad-free starting July 12th via the Wondery app for Wondery+ subscribers.

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