Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine have announced their new collaborative album, A Beginner’s Mind. The LP arrives on September 24th via Asthmatic Kitty and it’s available for preorder.

The duo began working on songs for the album while at a friend’s cabin in upstate New York, loosely basing the material on films they were watching. They each built upon the other’s songwriting in tandem, with one writing a verse, the other taking on the chorus. This approach resulted in a more freeform “rambling philosophical inquiry” rather than “cinematic exegesis,” according to a statement.

Stevens and De Augustine dropped two new contemplative songs from the record, “Olympus” and “Reach Out.” The latter track was released with an accompanying video starring their adorable dogs Juko and Charlie.

Last year, they released their first collaborative song, “Santa Barbara.” In April, Stevens shared “Celebration VIII,” from Celebrations, the fourth installment of his five-volume set, Convocations, which arrived in May. De Augustine dropped his latest album, Tomb, in 2019.

A Beginner’s Mind Tracklist
1. “Reach Out”
2. “Lady Macbeth in Chains”
3. “Back to Oz”
4. “The Pillar of Souls”
5. “You Give Death a Bad Name”
6. “Beginner’s Mind”
7. “Olympus
8. “Murder and Crime
9. “(This Is) the Thing”
10. “It’s Your Own Body and Mind”
11. “Lost in the World”
12. “Fictional California”
13. “Cimmerian Shade”
14. “Lacrimae”

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