Kehlani has joined T-Pain for a new single, “I Like Dat,” released on Friday.

Built on a reworked version of T-Pain’s “Buy U a Drank,” the song sees T-Pain showing some love and appreciation to the lady in his life, as he jumps between AutoTuned singing and rap verses: “She don’t do 9 to 5/Hundred thousand viewers on her IG live.” Kehlani shows up on the second verse to flaunt her own achievements: “Every band I’m throwin’ on stage, I got in my name, all that/And I ain’t throwin’ twenties or tens, I’m out here paying rent and all that.”

“Kehlani has been one of the best to work with, real talk,” T-Pain said in a statement. “She did her thing on this track and made it what it is. Also, it do be like that sometimes.”

T-Pain last released the single “Get Up” in June 2020 in support of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Kehlani released her second album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t in May 2020. In a recent feature with Rolling Stone, she discussed her upcoming third album and wanting to create a “lighter” tone with the record following the pandemic.

“Everything going on right now is heavy,” she said. “Now, not only am I not in a heavy time, but I’m starting to get out of the mindset of ‘When are we getting back to normal?’ And more like, ‘This is our new normal.’ That’s a very privileged thing to say, being that I haven’t experienced a close loved one pass away or get the virus. I think people need some type of warmth, and I’m in the head space of centering positivity.”

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