The Offspring released a new video for “This Is Not Utopia,” a song off their tenth studio album, Let The Bad Times Roll, last Wednesday (July 7).

The track “This Is Not Utopia,” which was released in April via Concord Records, was the first release from the group since “Days Go By,” which came out in 2012.

The visual, directed by Samuel Bayer, features gas masks and microscopic splotches of blood, both symbolic of the pandemic. The masks and the blood also reference Bryan “Dexter” Holland‘s molecular biology credentials.

The video also shows smoke bombs being set off by a dancer wearing an American flag bikini.

“Look around: It’s obvious this is not utopia. To put it a nicer way, we could do better,” Holland told Forbes. “We could do better, right? It’s important for us to not come across as political. I never want to be preachy.”

“I never want to tell you that you should think like this, that you should do something or act a certain way, but I do want to throw the observations out there, and you can draw your own point—whether you are a liberal or a conservative—to think about the things that we can all do to make things better,” he added.

(Photo: Daveed Benito)

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