Nashville country-rock band the Wild Feathers have announced their first album of all-new material in three years. Alvarado arrives October 8th as the group’s first release for New West Records.

Ahead of the Alvarado’s debut, the five-piece premiered the song “Ain’t Lookin’.” A hard-driving rock number, it opens with a snaking guitar lead and heavy drums and finds the Wild Feathers singing about a failed romance and road trip to nowhere. “I ain’t lookin’ for love no more,” goes the chorus, while the verses toss out images of busted screen doors, rusted-out cars, and divey bars.

The Wild Feathers recorded and self-produced Alvarado’s 12 songs in the cabin where they typically write their albums. This time, they brought recording gear along for the trip. “We’ve always written and demoed new songs in a cabin outside of town and then gone into the studio to record the album. This time, we decided to take the studio to the cabin and produce it ourselves,” singer-guitarist Ricky Young says in a statement. “We’ve never been more proud of a collection of songs because it feels and sounds exactly how we wanted it to. No outside input or opinions, just the five of us in a room together.”

Alvarado is the follow-up to 2020’s B-sides collection Medium Rarities. The band will revisit songs from throughout their career on the upcoming Spirit of the South Tour with Blackberry Smoke.

Here’s the track list for Alvarado:

1. “Alvarado”
2. “Ain’t Lookin’”
3. “Over the Edge”
4. “Side Street Shakedown”
5. “Out on the Road”
6. “Get Out of My Own Way”
7. “Off Your Shoulders”
8. “Long Shot”
9. “Top of the World”
10. “Flashback”
11. “Midway Motel”
12. “Another Sunny Day”

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