This year marks the 25th anniversary of the 1996 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album Songs and Music From She’s the One, and his estate is celebrating with the release of a reimagined version of the LP they’re calling Angel Dream (Songs and Music from the Motion Picture She’s the One).

The album is coming out first on limited-edition cobalt blue vinyl for Record Store Day on June 12th, and will be released on CD, digital, and black vinyl on July 2nd. A visualizer video for “Angel Dream (No. 2)” dropped Thursday.

Many of the songs from the original album were written for the 1996 Ed Burns movie She’s the One, although several date back to the Wildflowers sessions. The 2020 Wildflowers and All the Rest box brought those songs back, and this new edition of She’s the One has four additional songs from the period: “One of Life’s Little Mysteries,” “Thirteen Days”, “105 Degrees,” and “French Disconnection.” There’s also an extended edition of “Supernatural Radio.”

“These songs are extremely special,” Dana Petty said in a statement. “I am grateful this record is getting the recognition it deserves. The remix Ryan Ulyate did sounds amazing, and the unreleased gems are a lovely bonus. Annakim, Adria, and I took a lot of time finding artwork that reflects the mood of the album. I think we finally achieved that with Alia Penner’s work. It is surreal and beautiful, just like life during that time.”

This new edition of She’s the One is the latest archival Tom Petty project to arrive following the singer’s 2017 death. There’s also been the 2018 compilation An American Treasure, the 2019 hits package The Best of Everything, and the previously mentioned Wildflowers box set. There’s no official word on future releases, although Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell has indicated that he’d like to see the band’s 1997 stand at the Fillmore in San Francisco chronicled in some fashion.

Campbell joined Fleetwood Mac in early 2018 and spent a year on the road with them. When they went on hiatus, he turned his attention to his group the Dirty Knobs. Their debut LP Wreckless Abandon came out in November 2020; a nationwide tour kicks off in early 2022.

There’s been talk of the Heartbreakers doing a special series of shows with guest singers where they’d play songs from Wildflowers, but there are no firm plans. “I’m not ready emotionally to have the Heartbreakers in a room and go ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ and look around and Tom’s not there,” Campbell told Rolling Stone last year. “I’m sorry. I need to grieve a little more to get to that point in time, but I’m not against the idea. I do miss the guys, but Tom left a huge hole in the band.”

“It would have to be almost a voice from beyond, almost like, ‘Guys, do this for me,’” he continued. “If I got that message, I would present it to the other guys. But it hasn’t been that long. We’re still grieving very deeply. It’s a big loss.”

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