After performing their new song “Permission to Dance” earlier this week, BTS have returned to The Tonight Show with a special performance of “Butter.”

The K-pop group filmed the rendition of the hit single from atop a bridge at night, complete with a massive light show and slick choreography.

The “Butter” CD single dropped earlier this month and features “Permission to Dance,” as well as instrumental versions of each of the songs. Originally released in May, “Butter” marks the South Korean group’s second-ever English-language single, following their global hit “Dynamite” from last August.

“It’s very energetic,” RM told Rolling Stone in the magazine’s June cover story on BTS. “And very summery. It has a very dynamic performance.”

BTS will perform as part of Global Citizen Live, a 24-hour broadcast featuring performances and events filmed across the world. The livestream will take place Saturday, September 25th, and will air on ABC, ABC News Live, BBC, FX, iHeartRadio, Hulu, YouTube, and Twitter.

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