K-pop group Seventeen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to showcase their recent single, “Ready to Love.” The song appears on their new EP, Your Choice, which dropped earlier this month.

In the clip, the group’s 13 members gave a carefully choreographed rendition of the smooth-talking pop song, performing from a soundstage surrounded by microphones.

In May, Seventeen performed for Rolling Stone‘s In My Room series. Each member of the 13-member band showcased their vocal talents in Seventeen’s three separate units, with the five-member Vocal Unit singing an updated version of their 2017 song “Pinwheel.” The performance also included “Trauma” and “Lilili Yabbay.”

The group spoke to Rolling Stone in January about their unique identity as a K-pop group, including each member’s heavy involvement in the songwriting and production process.

“Whenever we talk about music, all the members candidly share their opinions and proactively keep the conversation going,” band member Vernon said. “Once we start talking, we can go on for hours, and in that moment, we’re genuinely happy. To me personally, and to the team as a whole, this is a precious and meaningful process. We want to continue improving and working hard in the future as well.”

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