Ahead of the arrival of Wolfgang Van Halen’s debut LP as Mammoth WVH, the band has dropped the latest preview from the album, “Mammoth.”

According to Van Halen, the new single “most encompasses the overall vibe of the debut album,” with the track powered by driving guitars and Wolfgang’s inspirational lyrics.

“Hey you, anything is possible/You’re not the only one,” Van Halen sings on “Mammoth.” “Yeah, let ‘em think you’re unremarkable and prove them wrong.” The single was paired with a retro lyric video with archival black-and-white footage of people watching television, with Van Halen’s words broadcast on the screens.

“Mammoth” follows previously released Mammoth WVH tracks “Feel,” “You’re to Blame,” “Don’t Back Down,” “Think It Over,” and “Distance.” The latter track also arrived with a video featuring home movies of Van Halen’s late father, Eddie Van Halen. The album arrives on June 11th.

Wolfgang Van Halen wrote and recorded all the instrumentation on his debut album as Mammoth WVH, with a touring band in place for the project’s upcoming concerts.

“I just get in there and play,” Van Halen recently told Rolling Stone. “What my dad always said is the reason the rhythm section is so tight is, it’s me. Normally with a great rhythm section, they’re really tight because they know exactly what each other are doing. When it comes to drums, and bass, I know exactly what I did with each part so I can kind of react with it, and it goes hand in hand.”

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