Comedian Ziwe has dropped a snarky new banger, “Stop Being Poor,” that takes aim at the glib, myopic responses wealthy people often throw out regarding income inequality.

Ziwe co-wrote the track with Jordan Mendoza and received some additional production help from Chicken. The tune channels early-aughts dance-pop, with Ziwe droning over a pulsing beat, “Stop being poor, stop being poor/Let the wealth trickle down, let the money hit the floor/If you are a poor person then just go out and find a job.”

Ziwe also shared a music video for the song, directed by Quinn Wilson and co-starring Patti Harrison. The clip finds Ziwe and Harrison decked out in extra gaudy country club and night club outfits, mugging for the camera and casually tossing money around.

“‘Stop Being Poor’ is the song of the summer,” Ziwe tells Rolling Stone in a statement. “I co-wrote this satirical anthem with the writer Jordan Mendoza after watching millions of Americans struggle to pay their bills during the Covid shutdown at a time when stimulus checks were few and far between. The vibe is Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics meets the photoshopped picture of Paris Hilton wearing a shirt that says ‘Stop Being Poor.’ The iconic pop song is produced by Chicken and features Patti Harrison a.k.a. Baddie Harrison.”

Along with being released as an official single, “Stop Being Poor” will appear in the next episode of Ziwe’s eponymous late-night variety show, which will air May 23rd on Showtime.

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