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About Peter

My name is Peter Moscatiello and I have been in and around this music since 1958. While attending P.S. 15 in Jersey City, New Jersey, I met Dennis Skipper (Skip), through my friend Louis Contey. Skip was into vocal harmony and was teaching Lou and his brother Jerome how to harmonize. They asked me if I wanted to sing and as Skip taught me the basics, I became hooked. But the driving force, the thing that lit the fire under me was hearing the song that launched Laurie records: “I Wonder Why” by Dion and the Belmonts.

We called ourselves the Majestics and were together for two years. We parted ways when we went off to different high schools. In those two years we sang at dances, recorded one record and even performed at the “Teenage World Fair” at Freedomland in New York. In 1958 we were one of the first racially mixed groups around! I was just a kid and didn’t realize what we were doing was groundbreaking.

Going forward I was involved with music in one way shape or form for the rest of my life. I learned guitar and fronted a few bands. I also sang to tracks with my last group: Frankie Canta & The DreaMakers. I sang with a group called the Kensingtons on and off for 30 years and although I don’t perform much anymore I still love to sing a cappella with my friends…

Today I spend a lot of time listening to music. Discovering rare gems that were never played on the radio and also listening to contemporary a cappella groups like Pentatonix.

I wanted to do a show but never had the nerve. Thanks to my dear friends Frank and Gregg Pirillo, I got some training while helping out with their show “Doo Wop Drive” Which I will continue to do as “Producer Pete”.

The thrust of the show is to keep this great music alive by exposing it to folks who may never have heard it. Especially young folks. If they don’t take up the mantle this genre will surely die.

So I will be sharing with you my favorite tunes, some newer groups and some never heard before tunes as well…. Join me under the streets lights for some great harmony !

Yours Always in Music,

Peter Moscatiello