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Move the furniture

and get ready to dance!

…to the best smooth dancing songs, mainly from the  80’s and 90’s, but also, great music from the 70’s and 2000’s will make an appearance as well.

And all of it formatted like a real nightclub:

Ballads, waltzes, two-steps, triple two-steps, one-steps, polkas, jitterbugs, and even some line dances.


Scotty Bennett was born in Austin, Texas and worked at the world-famous Dallas Niteclub in Austin for 25 years! During that time he dipped his foot In the broadcast pool by doing voiceovers for radio and TV.

In 2012, he was part of the group that launched KOKE FM in Austin and ended up joining the KOKE FM Morning Show with Bob Cole, Rita Ballou, Eric Raines, and Troy Kimmel.

In 2014 he launched THE DANCEHALL on KOKE FM and used his talents as a club DJ, on the radio every Friday night while still doing the morning show.

Then in January 2020, he launched his own show on KOKE FM…TEXAS NIGHTS with Scotty Bennett.

For fun he plays the drums in a country band and lives in Round Rock, Texas.

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