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Presenter Bio 

Name:Keith and Ruth Bradshaw 

Show:Sixties Music Memories  

Keith and Ruth Bradshaw are a husband-and-wife team with a love of popular music stretching back to the 1950s and the birth of rock n roll. For them, presenting a weekly trip back into the music of the golden decade that shaped the face of popular music – forever – is a labour of love! 

Keith grew up in Morecambe on the Northwest Riviera. In the 1960s, it was a bustling seaside resort frequented by the bands of the day – Beatles, Stones, Shadows, Kinks, Hollies and more. The theatres hosted the much sought after music package shows, featuring top American recording artists and groups. By contrast, Ruth’s from Tushingham in rural South Cheshire. 

Both are former secondary school teachers, specialising in history – nostalgia and a feeling for the past features strongly in their programmes. Keith has also worked in Public Relations and Journalism. 

They have lived and worked in and around Leyland, Central Lancashire for 30 years or more. Both are active members of Go on Tour (Golden Oldies), an Over-55s entertainment group. Keith is the MC and part-time comedian, while Ruth sings and dances.  

Of their weekly Sixties Music Memories show, one critic wrote:  

At the heart of the show is a diverse selection of tracks from all the popular (and less popular) US and UK genres of the decade. Their track selection carefully avoids any ‘Sixties Favourites Compilation’ effect and instead combines familiar tracks with many you may have forgotten, have not heard for ages or have never heard.  

There is a constant and fascinating flow of information about the artists and songs - even listeners who are very knowledgeable about the decade report having learnt something new each week and being tested by their musical challenges. This breadth, depth and variety of content, incorporating a range of musical styles from pure commercial pop to psychedelic strangeness, is what gives the show its musical credibility and, for the target listener, a compelling reason to listen.  

This show is presented with warmth and a goodly dose of humour. While dual presenters can sometimes get in each other’s way, Keith and Ruth have perfected a wonderfully relaxed and fluid interplay, which often ends up with genuine laughter and giggles from Ruth. Keith’s ‘jokes and Ruth’s affectionate put downs are another key feature of the show. The overall impression from listening is that they are having fun and you can join in.  

Their relaxed homely style creates a feeling that they are right with you in your living room, playing the music and chatting to you. In so doing they even create the illusion they are making it up as they go along – deftly belying the time, research and attention to detail they have invested to make the show come over as unscripted.  

Join Keith and Ruth every week as they relive so many great memories from the 1960s!