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A unique show playing classic hits of the late 80’s and early 90’s R&B, Hip-Hop from the “NEW JACK SWING” era. Featuring artists such as Keith Sweat, Guy, New Edition, TLC Janet Jackson, Heavy D, SWV, and much more. The program will take listeners on a journey back to reminisce about special memories or moments through the magic of music, interviews, TV, and movie clips from the era.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, KAZ is the executive producer and host of NEW JACK RADIO. With over 15 years in the radio industry and entertainment business, KAZ has worked for companies such as iHeart, CBS, Hubbard Radio, and Townsquare Media. KAZ’s work speaks for itself. His current and past duties include Author, Morning Show Host, Assistant Program Director, and Night Club DJ. KAZ has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Boyz II Men, Tony Toni Tone, Montel Jordan, Brian McKnight, and M.C. Hammer to name a few. KAZ has a passion for the people and music and is looking to bring great radio back to the airwaves. KAZ wanted to bring to life a take back show that’s fun, unique, and an experience that will impact the listening audience, young and old.

Join the conversation anytime 24/7 Toll Free 1-(877)-888-3531.  Leave us a message with your name, the city you're calling from and your shout out.  Your message might just make it on the show.

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M.G. Kelly began his radio career in 1970 while still a junior in high school. His first station was KTEN in Ada Oklahoma. There, Kelly played song dedications to schoolmates. A year later, He was hired by KOMA in Oklahoma City. While at KOMA, he came to the attention of radio mogul Lee Abrams who brought him to Cleveland in late 1972 for afternoon drive at WGCL-FM. The following year, radio consultant Kent Burkart presented Kelly to KSTP-FM in Minneapolis, as M.G. became part of the team that drove the 16th ranked station to number 2 in just 100 days. This dramatic ratings increase caught the attention of RKO Radio and 21-year-old Kelly was shooting straight to the legendary 93 KHJ in Los Angeles. Two years later, while still at KHJ, Kelly began studying acting and soon landed a role as the venomous D.J., "Bebe Jesus", co-starring with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in the 1976 film, A Star is Born. Next came a departure from the typecasting when Clint Eastwood tagged him as the Priest, "Father John Voss" in The Enforcer. Within a three year period, Kelly proceeded to act in eight more feature films including The Buddy Holly Story and The Fifth Floor. He also was cast in nearly 50 guest star roles on prime time television. Kelly continued to keep his radio work alive as he departed KHJ in late 1977 and joined KTNQ. During a press party to promote his arrival, he hit the stage with a real Thompson Sub Machine Gun loaded with a hundred rounds of blanks. When The Real Don Steele introduced him, Kelly unloaded the gun over the heads of the 400 invited guests. Radio and Records magazine had a field day with this stunt. In 1978, during his time at KTNQ, Kelly was chosen as Billboard Magazine's "National Radio Personality of the Year." He went on to enjoy a successful voice-over career landing hundreds of national ads, movies trailers and network promos. Kelly also continued his acting, adding more episodic television shows to his previous resume including, WKRP in Cincinnati, CHIPs, Knots Landing, Hill Street Blues, Too Close For Comfort, Mork and Mindy, Happy Days and M*A*S*H and many more. In 1980, M.G. Kelly hosted a weekly syndicated television series entitled, The Rock Show. This "music video program" was broadcast throughout the U.S. and Europe - prior to the launch of MTV. By 1984, CBS convinced Kelly to move to New York City and join CBS Radio. There, he produced weekly syndicated programming for the network including, "Dan Ingram's Top 40 Count Up" and Kelly's own introduction to national radio, Top 30 USA. After a couple of winters in The Big Apple, Kelly relocated his production and hosting duties for CBS back in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Kelly signed with Merv Griffin Productions for over 200 episodes as the announcer for Wheel of Fortune. At the same time the wheel was turning, M.G. Kelly added afternoon fire power to KIIS-FM Los Angeles. In 1986, Kelly created his second radio project for syndication called "Live from The '60s". To host the program Kelly approached his biggest radio idol The Real Don Steele. Between 1987 and 1993, Live From The '60s was heard on over 200 radio stations. With Kelly writing and producing the series while Steele hosted, "Live from the '60s" won for "Best Syndicated Show" of 1988. By 1989, a new oldies station in L.A. was rounding up the Boss Jocks. The Real Don Steele signed on and Kelly left KIIS-FM to join Steele, along with Charlie Tuna, Humble Havre and Rich Fields. It was a familiar dial position, "93", but this time it was FM, KODJ. In 1990, Kelly formed a seven piece rock band called M.G. Kelly and The G-Men. The group featured Kelly on drums doing his radio shtick live. They opened for dozens of top acts including Chuck Berry, Three Dog Night, Tommy James, Johnny Rivers and The Beach Boys. Kelly and The G-Men played numerous times at The Universal Amphitheater, Pacific Amphitheater and The Los Angeles Coliseum. In 1992, Kelly and Charlie Tuna teamed to co-host the syndicated radio program, Your Good Time Oldies Magazine. While continuing this national show, M.G. Departed KCBS FM in 1993 and headed to KOOL FM in Phoenix. There he drove the afternoon ratings from a 2 to a 6 share in just nine months. M.G Kelly continued performing live with his band The G-Men and also recorded an album with proceeds from sales going to charity. In 1995, Kelly left the States for England where he and his wife guest hosted on Capitol Gold, London as "M.G. and Molly". Over the next four years they were also heard on KBGO FM, Las Vegas, and MIX 96 in Alberta, Canada. In 1998, Kelly was inducted into The Nevada Broadcaster's Hall of Fame. The same year his work from KHJ was introduced at The Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles. Since 1998, Kelly produces and hosts what many in the radio industry call "the best works of his career." His syndicated programs include American Hit List, The Amazing '80s, Back to the '70s, Classic Hit List and Your '90s Rewind. Kelly's syndicated shows continue to be heard on radio stations in America and around the world.

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MICKEY BO’S obsession with rock ‘n’ rhythm began as a lad in western Massachusetts when he nearly levitated watching Elvis on TV in ’56. He ain’t been the same since. As an adolescent, the “Mickster” spent his paper route earnings on hit records and played them on a pirate radio station in his bedroom. Because of a weak signal, though, neither neighbors nor the government retaliated.

Pirate Bedroom Jock 1962
  In high school in 1964, Mickey upped his game by becoming a deejay at his hometown radio station, followed by announcing jobs elsewhere in Massachusetts during college before joining Armed Forces Radio & TV with the Air Force in Thailand and Korea during the Vietnam War. After discharge, he took up radio news, eventually reporting world events for the Voice of America in Washington, D.C. His passion for original rock ‘n’ rhythm smoldered, however, so he fanned the embers and became your backbeat buddy on Mickey Bo’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Revue after retiring from his federal gig in 2007, confident of its guarantee of steady meals. An amateur photographer, Mickey lives in Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia, well into his second half century in radio and wondering where the time — and his hair — went. Mickey Bo's Rock 'n' Roll Revue

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Richie Sullivan email Richie Richie is from New York, and has been a doo wop fan since his pre-teens (we won't say how far back that goes).  Richie use to sing in an accapella group as a teenager.  One of the members of that group (The Creations) went on to fame as a member of a 60's band.  Another formed a group in the 60's with a former member of the Imaginations.   Richie once sang the lead to "Gloria" on stage with Don and Juan doing the harmonies (if only he could still sound that way).  Richie now lives in upstate NY, and is a self-employed therapist.

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Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders tells the unique stories for over 2200 one hit wonders from 1955 to 2015, including “where are they now” updates.  Along with trivia, OHW interviews, jingles, movie and pop culture from the showcased years, Dan Sweeney’s One hit Wonders has become the “fun” place to remember those forgotten hits. Sweeney is a Chicago native. He grew up listening to WCFL and WLS in the classic top 40 era.  Dan was a radio personality in HS (WLTL, La Grange, IL) and College (WVXU, Cincinnati). In 2017 he created “Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders” at KKSM, 1320AM in Oceanside CA.  Now, One Hit Wonders can be heard on stations coast to coast in the USA, Canada, England and New Zealand. Besides radio, Dan has had a successful career in Cable TV and TV technology.  He worked for Showtime, and regularly hosted weekend previews on local cable systems, selling Showtime “on the air”.  Later, he worked for TV Guide (the cable TV “on screen” guide you couldn’t control) and developed interactive program guides that are now common place.  The fun continued with Buzztime games, the multiplayer interactive trivia games in cable TV homes and bars, available all over the United States.

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A NEW WEEKLY 2 HOUR SERIES HOSTED BY WINK MARTINDALE What’s that song? Who’s the performer? How did they get that name? What inspired those words? Why does this music touch my heart ... make me smile ... make me cry ... make me want to dance, romance and fall in love? Whatever happened to the great hits I grew up with? For the answers, tune in to THE HISTORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL with WINK MARTINDALE – a two-hour weekly look back at the songs and the stars who made the music magic. Each episode is built round a theme spotlighting yet another aspect of rock and pop history – from “Leading Ladies of the ’80s” to “The ’60s Greatest Dance Hits” … “Singer-Songwriters of the ’70s” to “The Best of Folk-Rock” … “The Magic of Motown” to “The Top 25 Hits of 1980” … “Super Groups of the ’60s” to “Inside Beatlemania” … “Goodtime Gold” to “The Super Summer Song Collection” – and many more. These are the songs and stars everyone knows – the memorable music that’s formed the soundtrack of our lives. Each episode features the full-length versions of all-time favorite classic hits – along with insightful artist interviews and remarkable revelations from our goodtime host, legendary broadcaster Wink Martindale. It's fascinating fun – and once you learn the true facts behind your favorite songs and stars, they become even more special – because now you know the rest of their sometimes sad, sometimes silly, often incredible and always unforgettable inside stories. Each hour of THE HISTORY OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL with WINK MARTINDALE consists of 47:50 of content divided into four segments – plus a two-minute artist spotlight feature hosted by Gary Theroux at the end of the first hour. There are four spot breaks per hour, allowing for 12 minutes of commercial avails. There’s also room for a ten second top-of-the-hour station ID. THE HISTORY OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL with WINK MARTINDALE is written and produced by Gary Theroux, who researched, wrote and co-produced the epic 52-hour Billboard award-winning HISTORY OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL -- as well as the annually updated ten-hour Yuletide countdown THE 100 GREATEST CHRISTMAS HITS OF ALL TIME

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