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My interest in radio started when I was very young. I used to listen to the BBC Light program (that's all there was then) on my dad’s old valve wireless, but then in 1964 the radio bug really got me with the start of the offshore stations and I got my first transistor radio. Jumping a few years growing up, I got the chance to be a DJ with a friend’s mobile disco and just loved the whole vibe playing records and watching the audience having a great time dancing the night away. Many years later I got to know Graham L Hall and used to go to the Caroline studios in Maidstone with him, answer the phone and make the tea. One Saturday afternoon I got a call from Graham to say his car had broken down and he could not get to Maidstone to do his show and asked if I could cover for him? That's where my time in real radio started. I've done shows on various RSLs and stations and at present you can hear me on Radio Seagull from Holland and now on Caroline Flashback. I just love the music I play and want the listener to enjoy it as much as I do.

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With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you.   to hear the latest and greatest show, turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!

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Working in local community radio since 2010, Gary is the presenter of A Blast from the 80s and A Blast from the 90s. Both shows are heard on over 100 stations in the UK and Globally. Gary has been fortunate enough to talk to many stars of the 80s and 90s about their music back then and now. website is or and search Blast radio shows on social media On Twitter, he describes himself as: “A Blast from the 80s, Blast From The 90s and Blast from the 00s by @Hopkinsgary..heard globally.”

Based in Isle of Wight

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(732) 982-7179 The Sock Hop Soda Shoppe with Joey Prout | Facebook

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We are an independent, weekly, one hour radio show featuring the music of The Beatles and Elvis Presley with some fun surprises in between!  Our goal is to spread a little joy and happiness to the entire world one listener at a time through the music of Elvis and The Beatles!   We strive to keep the show entertaining and fun.  Please check us out!  

Music of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Much More!

The Mop Tops & The King has been on the air since December 2011!

Steve Chelmsford is the host and producer of The Mop Tops & The King and has been a fan of The Beatles and Elvis Presley since he was three years old. Steve got his start in radio when he met Dusty Fenders, a local radio personality on Radio Goldfield, a small community radio station in the middle of the Nevada desert.  Steve developed a friendship with Dusty and his radio partner Carl Brownfield and soon became a member of The Carl & Dusty Radio Boogie writing jingles and other musical pieces for the show. About a year later, Radio Goldfield (KGFN 89.1FM) asked Steve if he would be interested in hosting his own show. The Mop Tops & The King made its debut on December 4, 2011 and is currently heard worldwide on over 90 radio stations.

In a previous life, Steve was a research engineer with the Air Force Research Laboratory for nearly 30 years. He is a life-long resident of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Watch our promotional video at:

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Dave Edwards - Bio.   Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broadcasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975. In fact, Dave was the Station Manager for several years.   He was also associated with Radio Fox, in his home city of Leicester, in the early 1990's. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show.   Over the years, Dave has worked for both Commercial and Publicly funded radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide.   He spent some time broadcasting in the USA, Canada, and Indonesia.   Dave returned to live in the UK again in 2010.   He has spent the past few years providing 'Voice Overs' for several radio Stations, producing them in the Broadcast Studio that he has set up at his home.     Having experienced the Seventies firsthand, he has a genuine love for the popular music, of that particular decade.   This special love of the 70's is reflected in his show called.   'That Seventies Sound'   which he produces and presents each and every week.   The show is heard on quality radio stations around the globe.

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I started listening to the radio back in the 50’s during the beginning of Rock & Roll. My parents let me have a 1947 Westinghouse “Little Jewel” Refrigerator H126 AM tube radio (pictured to the right) where I heard music that’s stayed with me all these years. After college I began a career in radio that’s lasted over 40 years doing Top 40, Oldies, Progressive Rock, Country, Urban Contemporary, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, and Adult Contemporary formats. In late 2005 I began producing the Street Corner. A show featuring the great group harmony sounds I grew up listening to on my old Westinghouse radio. It’s truly been a labor of love. Thanks for listening, steve-sig | The Street Corner Radio Show | (

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GARY JACKSON BIO  BIO -     Like many radio presenters, I started as a mobile DJ. From there I went   on to hospital radio, and when the FM frequency beckoned, I jumped at the   chance to join Skyline Gold in Southampton.     It soon became apparent that other stations were sometimes short of   presenters, and the norm in those days was to play automated music. In   2011 I offered a show to Forest FM – Sounds of the 70s – which I still   present there to date, and I soon realized that here was a gap that   needed filling elsewhere.     Other stations followed including the legendary 1260KYA in San   Francisco, Castledown Radio in Wiltshire, and the Bigl, today’s   equivalent of 60s pirate station Radio London. (I have been broadcasting   live on the BigL from my south coast studio six days a week since 2013).     Soon stations all over the world started airing the shows. Some have   used the shows for a while then replaced them with live presenters when   available, others have given them their own permanent slots.     Many people have asked who my favorite interviewee was, and the answer   has to be Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Not only did Stu   give me around twenty minutes, he was happy to talk about the days when   things weren’t good, and after all, Creedence was my all-time favorite   band in the 70s.  For the 60s, it has to be The Searchers who are friends, and I have   published their official website since 1997. As I have often said “On   the rare occasions when things were hard going, I went to see The   Searchers. Their sheer hard work and professionalism put me to shame and   gave me the kick up the backside I needed”.     My shows often feature guests, and interviews have included chats with   Frank Allen of The Searchers – always a delight, Mike Rutherford   (Genesis), Paul Carrack (Mike and The Mechanics, Squeeze), Justin   Hayward, Alan Clark (Dire Straits), Tom McGuiness of Manfred Mann,   Deborah Bonham, Simon Townsend, Stu Cook (Creedence) Dave Clark (Dave   Clark Five) and just about every other 60s band still working!     Not only that but household names like Jenny Eclair and Toyah Willcox   have also joined me!     My live radio work has taken me to California, and my shows now air from   Tenerife to Tasmania!     Very much a fan of personality radio, I try to remember that the   listener comes first, I try to give my shows a live feel and keep   listeners interested with features like the “A side B side”, “follow   that” and the “back to front” song.     One of my favorite write-ups came from Ace FM in Spain – sadly now long   gone:     Gary started his DJ career back in the days when half a dozen singles   from Saturday Night Fever were guaranteed to fill the dance floor.   Hospital radio beckoned in the early 1990s and he now finds himself on a   Spanish station, surprised that it’s the English-speaking population   that listens, having always thought the most suitable audience would be   those who hadn’t a clue what he was on about.     He fell in love with beat music in the 60s, and in 1997 he was   approached by The Searchers to publish their official website which he   does to this day.     The Gary Jackson Show is packed with special features – not for the   audience’s benefit, but because at his age just staying awake for two   hours are tough enough, and every little helps!     

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Dave Kapulsky has a room in his Freehold Township home that is lined with shelves filled with 45 rpm records. In fact, Kapulsky said, he has about *35,000 45’s and an additional 12,000 albums that he stores at his mother’s house in New Brunswick, where he grew up. A disc jockey, he goes by the moniker Dave the Rave and carries about 2,000 titles with him to a radio station in Howell each Saturday night when he does his Relics and Rarities program. From 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. on WPDQ-FM (89.7), he plays well-known songs and rarities that he says never got the play they deserved. In addition, he takes calls from listeners, many of whom ask him to play a song they may have heard once years ago and remembered. "Every week I pull out 25 to 30 45’s that have never been played before to play on my show. But there’s literally thousands that I want to play," he said. Dave the Rave said his show is very popular.  

Dave Kapulsky chooses records from among the thousands he owns and plays on a radio show he hosts on Saturday nights.
"I have some hard-core followers because I play songs that are not played by other disc jockeys. I get a lot of calls from Freehold, Howell and the Jackson area," he said. After the show ends, the discussion often continues at the Golden Bell diner, Freehold Township, where Dave and some of his listeners meet to talk well into the early morning hours. His is mainly a 1960s show. He plays doo-wop, soul, surf music, garage bands and the sounds of the British invasion, he said. "One of the things that is important to note about the show is that it not only features the big hits that we can all relate to and sing along to, but it also features the regional one-hit wonders or records that never made it," he said. Kapulsky's first 45 that started his collection was "A Wonderful Dream" by the Majors on the Imperial label. This first 45 was acquired by winning a dance contest at the YMHA in Highland Park, NJ. Shortly after that, his father gave him his first Beatles record. "I was a big fan of the Beatles, and my father bought me Meet the Beatles, their first domestically released album," he said. But neither record is the oldest in his collection. The oldest record is a 1953 release called "Gee" by the Crows. But that is not an original, he said. The oldest original recording is "Rock Around the Clock," by Bill Haley and the Comets, released in 1954. "I call my oldies ‘Relics and Rarities’ because most of them are not big hits, but they sound like they should have been," he explained, adding that someone recently dubbed him the "king of obscure records that sound great." Kapulsky’s interest in music and musicians led him to work at radio stations during high school and college. "When I was a kid, I was the coffee boy and used to file records at WCTC-AM in New Brunswick. I had so much fun up there. Instead of paying me, they would say take some records and they would give me magazines. "WCTC had a ’60s rock and roll show. I was the fan club president for the Friday night disc jockey, Larry Harmon. Harmon was also the music director at a larger radio station, WWRL, that catered to a black audience. He introduced me to a lot of black soul music," Kapulsky said. That led him to an abiding passion for collecting albums by musicians who never made it onto mainstream radio. But he doesn’t collect just to have the biggest collection of rare records. His passion is broader than that; it includes sharing what he knows and what he has with his listeners. Perhaps more importantly, it includes the desire to give the black musicians who were not able to popularize their music the airtime that Kapulsky believes they should have enjoyed many years ago. "So many people made great records and never got airtime," he said. "Black musicians’ songs would come out and someone would say, ‘That’s a great record; let’s get a white group to do it.’ The Rascals’ hit "Good Lovin’ " was originally done by a black group called the Olym-pics." The black groups’ only exposure was on small, black-owned radio stations, he said. Kapulsky became aware of that fact at a very young age and wrote a letter to the editor of a New Brunswick daily newspaper that was published. "Otis Redding had just died in an airplane crash. I was upset because Redding had such a hard time getting airtime on mainstream white radio. I eulogized Redding, calling him the King of Soul. After he died, his song ‘Dock of the Bay’ finally got airplay and was a No. 1 record," he said. Kapulsky said he sees the history of the civil rights movement reflected in black music. "Many people loved what was considered black music. It brought people together," he said, adding, "I get emotional when I think about the black artists that were excluded. There was an element that did not want black musicians on radio stations." But that is not to say his passion is for black groups only. He loves the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen, too. In fact, in 1989 Rolling Stone magazine profiled him and his passion for "The Boss." He has a framed copy of the article on the wall in his family room along with gold and platinum records and other Springsteen collectibles. Kapulsky went to Trenton State College, Ewing, (now The College of New Jersey). On his first day there he went to the college radio station and offered his services under his new radio name, Dave Richards. After graduating with a political science degree, he signed up for a graduate class at Rutgers University so that he would be eligible to work at the Rutgers radio station where he called himself Davo. Five years ago, while cruising down Route 33 in his 1961 Corvette listening to an oldies station, he saw a billboard advertising another oldies station, WPDQ in Howell. He called the station managers, and they hired him. That’s when he metamorphosed into Dave the Rave. Kapulsky and his wife, Kerri, have two children, Brittany, 14, and Jack, 8, who, his father said, is a frequent caller to the radio station. "He calls and asks me when am I coming home. Sometimes he requests a song," Kapulsky said. An independent Prudential insurance agent, Kapulsky works out of his home in Freehold Township where he has lived for eight years. He keeps his collection under lock and key in a second-floor room. He explained that many of the albums that he owns, he also has on CDs. "People ask me why buy records when you have it on a CD? Sometimes records can be expensive, but I tell them that holding the original record gives me an historical context," he said. "I can imagine the kid who owned it at one time. It’s like the difference between owning a reproduction of a work of art, or the real thing." Kapulsky pulled a 45 from his vast collection. He knew exactly where to find it. "I bought a collection of 45’s from a guy who worked as a producer for Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. In the bunch was a 45 called "Slow Strip" by the Mega-tons. It was dropped off at Clark’s show with a note handwritten on the sleeve from Robert Ligotino, who lived in Spotswood at the time. He was asking Clark to play his record. "It has now found a home in my ‘relics and rarities’ vault," he joked. "But seriously, I would love to hear from a musician whose record I played, saying that I made his day." Kapulsky conducts his radio show the way shows were done in the 1960s by popular personalities like WABC-AM’s "Cousin Brucie" Morrow. Morrow wrote a book that was published in 1987 called Cousin Brucie: My Life in Rock ’n’ Roll Radio. At the end, he asks, "Is radio anybody’s friend anymore?" He was still hopeful at the time and answered yes, as long as there are personalities like Springsteen who love rock and roll. But it has to be tended, he said. Dave the Rave Kapulsky is trying to do that, tend the FM airwaves for rockers and rollers. Many of them are the grown-up baby boomers who came of age along with rock and roll. His show may be local, but it exposes people from Barnegat to Millstone Township, from Hightstown to the Jersey Shore, to records that they didn’t know existed. "There are people out there who actually have the same passion. We feed each other," he said. He added, with a hint of self-consciousness, "You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I worry about what will happen when I pass away. I hope my kids will maintain my collection and make it available." (8) Dave the Rave Relics and Rarities | Facebook +60 9-948 4487

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The Progressive Rock Psychedelic BeatlesPop Show!

Hailing near Bellingham, Washington State and sounding like the the "Old Fashioned FM Station" with Lots of Music and a little history and trivia thrown in, The Progressive Rock Psychedelic Beatles Pop Show Broadcasts music can date back 50 years all taken from my personal collection. The listener will experience "Musical Stories" connecting it all with similar styles and lyrics thus creating a "Feel" to the entire 1-hour show always with a GREAT ending.  Contact Me:?  |

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The Internet home of the Forgotten 45s radio show. A blast back to Top40-style Boss Radio of the 60s featuring the music of the 50s to the 70s with jingles, retro commercials and original 45 versions of songs not heard since back in the day!

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Glyn Williams    In 1978 a fresh-faced Glyn was a regular at The Wigan Casino all-nighters, Nottiingham Palais all-dayers, and many other soul clubs around the country.  Northern soul became a passion for him, and he became an avid record collector.  Glyn’s career as a DJ started at 7 years of age on his brother’s mobile disco. From 13 he was working in night clubs and in 1994 following a stint on pirate radio he started his own radio station in the UK called ‘Valley Radio’   In 1997 Glyn began the ‘Soultastic’ Soul Club based at Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire UK attracting up to 800 soul lovers every month at the regular Northern soul nights.  Glyn’s radio shows can be heard at and you can contact him direct using 

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Steve James - Blues Radio Presenter - A little about me 

  I live just north of London, UK and am a lifelong musician having picked up the guitar at 12 years old. I love all genre of music and have played in many different types of bands from blues to dance to jazz to folk. Still playing in bands and love every minute of it. I have a special love of the Blues and sharing that love with you on the radio is a real privilege. My love of all music comes across in my show at the ‘Joker in the Pack’ feature where I play a tune that is not necessarily Blues but one I really love.   The Blues Café is my venture into Radio … 
  • Member of the IBBA (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association). 
 Home - Steve James Blues Café Blues Café with Steve James | Facebook

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THE Mark Dezzani SHOW

Mark Dezzani started his radio life as a land-based pirate in Sussex and then London where he was a founder member of the community radio lobby group 'Free the Airwaves'. In 1982 he moved to Seborga in Italy to work for Radio Nova International. In the late 80s Mark was a founding member of Sunshine Radio Antibes before joining Riviera Radio in Monaco as a freelance. Mark formed the TV & video production company Europa Productions in 1998 producing documentaries, TV news reports & corporate video. In 2000 he joined Radio Caroline and in 2009 he launched, a news website with video reports for the Anglophone community on the French Riviera. "I am thrilled to be back on Radio Caroline, a real oasis for quality music radio in the desert of fast rotating small playlists and sloganeering liner cards

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